About Us

Built by a team of tech experts with more than 20 years of experience each in delivering cloud, IT and network transformation projects, Bandwidth @ thetechpr.com is redefining how fast growing, tech outfits are presenting their ideas, technologies, innovations and solutions to the world. When it comes to tech, public relations is a matter of delivering visibility, creating an impact and influencing. It is about creating the trust and recognition that sets the stage for new cycles of growth and success.

At Bandwith @ thetechpr.com, we look at every public relation opportunity product launches, appointments, expansion, funding, mergers, events and even crises - as means to enhance a tech outfit’s value proposition in the marketplace. For us, no event is too small, no initiative is too insignificant, and any news is good news.

We firmly believe that in a noisy world, making the most noise is definitely the way to be heard.

With tech experts steering our PR strategies and works, our tech narratives are a class above the rest. From quantum computing to cloud-native architectures, from edge networks to blockchain communications, from machine learning to robotics and from smart cities to remote surgeries, we create content that reflects the latest and the best insights from all the major key verticals at the intersection of IT, telecoms and media.

So here’s our team – a combination of domain experts, superstar content creators, crazy marketers and PR specialists. We are a diverse bunch of humans brought together by our passion tech and the drive to amaze our clients with what great PR can do.

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